Win 5 x 100 dollar IGA vouchers Reply

If you are a poor young doctor in Adelaide, you could win a 100 dollar voucher to spend in the IGA North Adelaide!

Update 23rd October-Winners have been notified.

If you are budgeting through step 1, or cutting up credit cards in step 2  you received a 100 dollar voucher.

That could feed you for one week if you are single!

Maybe a shorter time if you are married with children!

GRQ has managed to procure these five vouchers for the first five lucky young doctors!

Terms and conditions:

Three easy steps!

1. Enter email address and click the follow button at the top right hand area of this website.

Don’t worry-you will still remain as anonymous as a poor young doctor!

2. If you are one of the next five followers, once you have been identified as a young doctor in Adelaide, you will be sent the voucher!

3. Go to North Adelaide IGA on O’Connell St and spend it!

If you are the unlucky sixth or more, don’t unfollow as other discounts or vouchers are coming soon for followers!

What would you like GRQ to procure?

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